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Sleek Chic

When clean lines become elegantly anti-basic
If you love Art Déco, this category if for you, as it’s clearly the inspiration. Think chic, streamlined, spotless and refined elegance. Peek one or two elaborate pieces and keep the rest sober. Soft shades with a dash of precious stones vibrancy. No rocko-baroco here, but an abstract painting would perfectly finalize your decoration!

Othilius Sideboard Casa Noa

Othilius Sideboard


Menso Brown Chair Casa Noa

Menso Brown Chair


Menso Black Chair Casa Noa

Menso Black Chair


Silvo Sideboard Casa Noa

Silvo Sideboard


Pierce Pendant Casa Noa

Pierce Pendant


Arteca Consoles | Set of 2 - Casa Noa

Arteca Consoles | Set of 2


Stella Consoles | Set of 2 - Casa Noa

Stella Consoles | Set of 2


Memento Glass Cabinet Casa Noa

Memento Glass Cabinet


Mincy Single Floor Lamp Casa Noa

Mincy Single Floor Lamp


City Black Chair Casa Noa

City Black Chair


Ardel Velvet Armchair Casa Noa

Ardel Emerald Armchair


Anis Coffee Table Casa Noa

Anis Coffee Table


Emile Sideboard - Casa Noa

Emile Sideboard


Instincto Armchair Casa Noa

Instincto Armchair


Mephisto Armchair Casa Noa

Mephisto Armchair


Celesto Pendant - Casa Noa

Celesto Horizontal Pendant


Daniel Desk Casa Noa

Daniel Desk


Saturn Pendant Casa Noa

Saturn Pendant


Nestor Sideboard Casa Noa

Nestor Sideboard


Lines Triptych | Set of 3 Casa Noa

Lines Triptych | Set of 3


Gen Coffee Table


Altura Console Casa Noa

Altura Console


Neville Curry Bar Stool Casa Noa

Neville Curry Bar Stool


Carter Silver Tables | Set of 3 Casa Noa

Carter Silver Tables | Set of 3


Tamara Pendant Casa Noa

Tamara Pendant


Halen Coffee Table Casa Noa

Halen Coffee Table


Willbert Console - Casa Noa

Willbert Console


Armadilero Low Sideboard Casa Noa

Armadilero Low Sideboard


Armadilero Sideboard Casa Noa

Armadilero Sideboard


Armadilero Cabinet Casa Noa

Armadilero Cabinet


Astru Pendant Casa Noa

Astru Pendant


Eltheo Sideboard Casa Noa

Eltheo Sideboard


Coloss Black Wall Lamp Casa Noa

Coloss Black Wall Lamp


Uton Cabinet Casa Noa

Uton Cabinet


Uton Sideboard - Casa Noa

Uton Sideboard


Cameron Coffee Tables | Set of 2 Casa Noa

Cameron Coffee Tables | Set of 2


Altenia Dining Table


Dahlia Black Chair Casa Noa

Dahlia Black Chair


Norma Chair Casa Noa

Norma Chair


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