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When industrial is the inspiration
Wanna make it rough? We’ve got what you need here: solid and strong stuff, nothing fragile! No muss, no fuss. Get the cinematic atmosphere of a New York loft with some factory-style piece evoking the work of the human hand. Metal, wood and leather, but raw and used. Make it punchy.

Keling Bookcase Casa Noa

Keling Bookcase


Mauri Metal Stool Casa Noa

Mauri Metal Bar Stool


Eddie Sideboard Casa Noa

Eddie Sideboard


Wirlock Stool Casa Noa

Wirlock Stool

€71,39  €95,59

Sloane Chair Casa Noa

Sloane Chair


Volto Sideboard Casa Noa

Volto Sideboard


Rodi Coffee Table Casa Noa

Rodi Coffee Table


Faxo Foldable Dining Table Casa Noa

Faxo Foldable Dining Table


Avner Bookcase Casa Noa

Avner Black Bookcase


Vikina Bar Stool Casa Noa

Vikina Bar Stool


Fanaty Grey Chair Casa Noa

Fanaty Grey Chair


Benson Coffee Table I Casa Noa

Benson Coffee Table I


Ian Auxiliar Cabinet Casa Noa

Ian Auxiliar Cabinet


Amory High Sideboard Casa Noa

Amory High Sideboard


Amory Low Sideboard Casa Noa

Amory Low Sideboard


Amory Bookcase Casa Noa

Amory Bookcase


Aldwin Bookcase Casa Noa

Aldwin Bookcase


Aldwin Small Bookcase Casa Noa

Aldwin Small Bookcase


Addison Coffee Tables | Set of 3 Casa Noa

Addison Coffee Tables | Set of 3


Stephen Glass Console Casa Noa

Stephen Glass Console


Stephen High Sideboard Casa Noa

Stephen High Sideboard


Stephen High Sideboard II Casa Noa

Stephen High Sideboard II


Stephen Dark Desk Casa Noa

Stephen Dark Desk


Stephen Desk Casa Noa

Stephen Desk


Stephen Bookcase Casa Noa

Stephen Bookcase


Stephen Wardrobe Casa Noa

Stephen Wardrobe


Stephen Console Casa Noa

Stephen Console


Stephen Sideboard Casa Noa

Stephen Sideboard


Stephen Dresser Casa Noa

Stephen Dresser


Dimiku Wall Lamp Casa Noa

Dimiku Wall Lamp


Brussel Pendant Casa Noa

Brussel Pendant


Induro Pendant Casa Noa

Induro Pendant


Telto Cabinet


Telto Console


Telto Bookcase


Bulek Pendant Casa Noa

Bulek Pendant


Gula Red Pendant Casa Noa

Gula Red Pendant


Gula Black Pendant Casa Noa

Gula Black Pendant


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