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New Neutrals

When discretion is key
This selection is not about basics. It’s more of an upgrade of the basics. Simple and clean lines are on the menu. These pieces will pass the test of time thanks to their sobriety. You can keep it quiet or mix them with whatever other style you like, they will adapt as they are not here to show off.

Tandos Dresser


Telema Sideboard II


Telema Sideboard I


Tieros Sideboard


Elmer Beige Chairs | Set of 2


Savna Auxiliar Tables | Set of 3


Evrin Console


Nova Beige Sofa


Sparrow Dining Table


Noah Fluffy Armchair


Bidu Fluffy Armchair


Arpenz XXL Console


Bertenz Console


Anteros Console


Anteros Large Console


Enzo Sideboard


Holden Sideboard


Uton Sideboard - Casa Noa

Uton Sideboard


Caden Coffee Tables | Set of 3 Casa Noa

Caden Coffee Tables | Set of 3


Akin Dining Table Casa Noa

Akin Dining Table


Nesta Lounge Sofa Casa Noa

Nesta Lounge Sofa


Benson Coffee Table I Casa Noa

Benson Coffee Table I


Benson Coffee Table II Casa Noa

Benson Coffee Table II


Benson Low Sideboard I Casa Noa

Benson Low Sideboard I


Benson Low Sideboard II Casa Noa

Benson Low Sideboard II


Loria Carpet Casa Noa

Loria Carpet


Block Coffee Table Casa Noa

Block Coffee Table


Pinto Wardrobe Casa Noa

Pinto Wardrobe


Timber Coffee Table Casa Noa

Timber Coffee Table


Doria Cream Armchair Casa Noa

Doria Cream Armchair


Netsy Dresser Casa Noa

Netsy Dresser


Netsy Sideboard Casa Noa

Netsy Large Sideboard


Netsy Small Sideboard Casa Noa

Netsy Sideboard


Netsy Nightstand Casa Noa

Netsy Nightstand


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