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Exotic Vibes

When you need some faraway tropicalism
You love Asia, you went there several times, but couldn’t bring back lamps and furniture? Here we are: your alternative for a rattan & bamboo rush or some Ming-style fully colored lacquered pieces fever.
We’ll let you get the chopsticks for the inaugural dinner.

Balina Daybed


Tiana Daybed


Veltor Sideboard


Mentour Coffee Table


Mikita Sideboard


Tulum Sofa

€659,96  €879,95

Shaigan Pendant Casa Noa

Shaigan Pendant


Ismin Coffee Table Casa Noa

Ismin Coffee Table


Divine Bench Casa Noa

Divine Daybed


Amberlyn Armchair Casa Noa

Amberlyn Armchair


Impra Coffee Table Casa Noa

Impra Coffee Table


Sherlie Red Sideboard Casa Noa

Sherlie Red Sideboard


Sherlie Red High Cabinet


Sherlie Red Wardrobe Casa Noa

Sherlie Red Wardrobe


Sherlie Red Cabinet


Sherlie Red Small Console


Sherlie Red Console


Islander Armchair


Camille Coffee Table Casa Noa

Camille Coffee Table


Maxolom Pendant Casa Noa

Maxolom Pendant


Simia Auxiliar Tables | Set of 2 - Casa Noa

Simia Auxiliar Tables | Set of 2


Nostea Armchair - Casa Noa

Nostea Armchair


Atlanta Wardrobe Casa Noa

Atlanta Wardrobe


Atlanta High Cabinet Casa Noa

Atlanta High Cabinet


Atlanta Sideboard Casa Noa

Atlanta Sideboard


Atlanta Cabinet Casa Noa

Atlanta Cabinet


Bamboo Plant Casa Noa

Bamboo Plant


Sherlie Blue Sideboard Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue Sideboard


Sherlie Blue Small Console - Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue Small Console


Sherlie Blue Cabinet Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue Cabinet


Sherlie Blue Console Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue Console


Sherlie Blue High Cabinet Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue High Cabinet


Sherlie Blue Wardrobe Casa Noa

Sherlie Blue Wardrobe


Ninda Cabinet Casa Noa

Ninda Cabinet


Flama Coffee Table Casa Noa

Flama Coffee Table


Yukulu Wall Lamp Casa Noa

Yukulu Wall Lamp


Alderon Large Sideboard Casa Noa

Alderon Large Sideboard


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