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Ethnico Boho

When your bohemian traveller mind is up
It’s like you brought back stuff from your trips around the world. You like to mix cultural references to create your own world. Free-spirited crossbreeding is your thing. No structuring guidelines, rather a carefree mix & match: a bit of neo-folkloric, a bit of ‘inspired from far away’… Your past (imaginary or not) becomes your present.

Pom Pom Stool Casa Noa

Pom Pom Stool

€112,46  €149,95

Simia Auxiliar Tables | Set of 2 - Casa Noa

Simia Auxiliar Tables | Set of 2


Ismin Coffee Table Casa Noa

Ismin Coffee Table


Jaida Showcase Casa Noa

Jaida High Cabinet


Jaida Cabinet Casa Noa

Jaida Cabinet


Far Pouf Casa Noa

Far Pouf


Dervon Carpet Casa Noa

Dervon Carpet


Camille Coffee Table Casa Noa

Camille Coffee Table


Alang Cowrie on Stand Casa Noa

Alang Cowrie on Stand


Alang Alang - Natural Casa Noa

Alang Alang - Natural


Alang Wood on Stand Casa Noa

Alang Wood on Stand


Mandila Console Casa Noa

Mandila Console


Mandila Cabinet Casa Noa

Mandila Cabinet


Mandila High Cabinet Casa Noa

Mandila High Cabinet


Wonton Black Lampshade Casa Noa

Wonton Black Lampshade


Wonton Natural Lampshade Casa Noa

Wonton Natural Lampshade


Dumpling Black Lampshade Casa Noa

Dumpling Black Lampshade


Fort Bench Casa Noa

Fort Bench


Kennard Pouf Casa Noa

Kennard Pouf


Kempi White Coffee Table Casa Noa

Kempi White Coffee Table


Kempi Natural Coffee Table Casa Noa

Kempi Natural Coffee Table


Coastal Juju - Black Brown Casa Noa

Coastal Juju - Black Brown


Coastal Juju - Grey Brown Casa Noa

Coastal Juju - Grey Brown


Nava Dark Burned Bowls | Set of 3 Casa Noa

Nava Dark Burned Bowls | Set of 3


Tilana Mirror - Natural Casa Noa

Tilana Mirror

€149,96  €199,95

Mufasa Mirror - Natural Casa Noa

Mufasa Mirror


Early Monday Mirror Casa Noa

Early Monday Mirror


S'il-Vous-Plaid - Beige & Black Casa Noa

Tily Beige and Black Plaid


S'il-Vous-Plaid - Black & Copper Casa Noa

Tily Black and Copper Plaid


Nitta Cushion Cover Casa Noa

Nitta Cushion Cover


Ninda Cabinet Casa Noa

Ninda Cabinet


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