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Country Cool

When you dream of your countryside home
Think low key, easy living, no hassle. It’s all about  warm functionality through raw woods and natural colors. The antithesis of posh sophistication. The motto is: Relax! Have Mother Nature in mind. Bring the outside inside (and vice-versa). And you can totally create this atmosphere in the city : your own refuge.

Isabel Dresser Casa Noa

Isabel Dresser


Bitsy Pendant Casa Noa

Bitsy Pendant


Canyon Large Showcase Casa Noa

Canyon Large Showcase


Abbott Chair - Casa Noa

Abbott Chair


Faxo Foldable Dining Table Casa Noa

Faxo Foldable Dining Table


Dermot Hanging Chair Casa Noa

Dermot Hanging Chair


Archer Armchair - Casa Noa

Archer Armchair


Nuo Sideboard Casa Noa

Nuo Sideboard


Meril Sofa Casa Noa

Meril Sofa


Meril Armchair - Casa Noa

Meril Armchair


Magali Sideboard Casa Noa

Magali Sideboard


Neyra Dining Table Casa Noa

Neyra Dining Table


Montero Large Sideboard Casa Noa

Montero Large Sideboard


Bick Hanger Casa Noa

Bick Hanger


Kis Bookcase Casa Noa

Kis Bookcase


Alv Console Casa Noa

Alv Console


Maxime Sideboard Casa Noa

Olavi Natural Sideboard


June Console Casa Noa

June Console


Focus Cabinet Casa Noa

Focus Cabinet


Alaistair Dining Table Casa Noa

Alaistair Dining Table


Falo Coffee Table Casa Noa

Falo Coffee Table


Claudi Coffee Table Casa Noa

Claudi Foldable Coffee Table


Ori Round Coffee Table Casa Noa

Ori Round Coffee Table


Elthina Mirror


Mozz Bench Casa Noa

Mozz Bench


Telto Cabinet


Telto Console


Telto Bookcase


Renno Coffee Table Casa Noa

Renno Coffee Table


Dero Coffee Table Casa Noa

Dero Coffee Table


Maisie Dining Table Casa Noa

Maisie Foldable Dining Table


Raw Dining Table Casa Noa

Raw Dining Table


Vena Dining Table Casa Noa

Vena Extendable Dining Table


Dakar Dining Table Casa Noa

Dakar Dining Table


Mendos Nightstand Casa Noa

Mendos Nightstand


Regal Bench Casa Noa

Regal Bench


Jesse Chair Casa Noa

Jesse Chair


Salome Chair Casa Noa

Salome Chair


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