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Classic Fix

When a bit of old school is the purpose
Imagine you inherited some antique-looking pieces from a French castle or from and English members only club and gave them a twist… That’s it! It will bring a bit of history to your home. Go classic all the way or play the clash with contemporary or arty pieces. Then it won’t be history any longer, it twill be your story!

Alaistair Dining Table Casa Noa

Alaistair Dining Table


Edwige Dresser Casa Noa

Edwige Dresser


Chestery Beige Sofa


Chestery Curry Sofa


Chestery Khaki Sofa


Finery Headboard Casa Noa

Finery Headboard


Alpha Auxiliar Table Casa Noa

Alpha Auxiliar Table


Bianca Dining Table Casa Noa

Bianca Dining Table


Elisa Console Casa Noa

Elisa Console


Oliver Floor Lamp Casa Noa

Oliver Floor Lamp


Centas Showcase


Medallion Grey Chairs | Set of 2


Grant Console Casa Noa

Grant Console


Adams Console Casa Noa

Adams Console


Mathis Dresser Casa Noa

Mathis Dresser


Mebel Coffee Table Casa Noa

Mebel Coffee Table


Isla Chimney Console Casa Noa

Isla Chimney Console


Knox Console Casa Noa

Knox Console


Hill Console Casa Noa

Hill Console


Neval Dresser Casa Noa

Neval Dresser


Milton Dresser Casa Noa

Milton Dresser


Mia Dresser Casa Noa

Mia Dresser


Luther Dresser Casa Noa

Luther Dresser


Lennon Dresser Casa Noa

Lennon Dresser


Isabel Dresser Casa Noa

Isabel Dresser


Howard Dresser Casa Noa

Howard Dresser


Gretha Dresser Casa Noa

Gretha Dresser


Pauline Dresser Casa Noa

Pauline Dresser


Prince Headboard Casa Noa

Prince Headboard


Vanity Headboard Casa Noa

Vanity Headboard


Mintery Headboard - Casa Noa

Mintery Headboard


Glimmer Dining Table Casa Noa

Glimmer Dining Table


Mill Dining Table Casa Noa

Mill Dining Table


Alcott Dining Table Casa Noa

Alcott Dining Table


Washington Table Lamp Casa Noa

Washington Table Lamp


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