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Beach Mood

When you crave for summer & ocean
Nothing flashy, nothing dark, nothing angular: everything could be laid on the sand (or a nice sand-colored rug!). Vacation style. Clear natural wood, bamboo and rattan, some white… think Comporta, Ibiza and light on an ocean-scented candle! If your home is not at the beach, bring the beach to your home.

Islander Armchair


Early Monday Mirror Casa Noa

Early Monday Mirror


Shaggy Round Carpet


Tily Black and Copper Pouf


Tily Beige Pouf


Tily Ochre Pouf


Tily Beige and Black Pouf


Alex Coffee Table Casa Noa

Alex Coffee Table

€1.020,00  €1.039,00

Niko Coffee Table Casa Noa

Niko Coffee Table


Clarito Armchair Casa Noa

Clarito Armchair


Gardell Carpet Casa Noa

Gardell Carpet


Vane Armchair Casa Noa

Vane Armchair


Vane 2 Seats Sofa Casa Noa

Vane 2 Seats Sofa


Kennard Pouf Casa Noa

Kennard Pouf


Udine Mirror Casa Noa

Udine Mirror


Mase Lampshade Casa Noa

Mase Lampshade

€112,46  €149,95

Cayson Coffee Table Casa Noa

Cayson Coffee Table


Marsh Rug Casa Noa

Marsh Rug


Sally Armchair Casa Noa

Sally Armchair


Sally Sofa Casa Noa

Sally Sofa


Impra Coffee Table Casa Noa

Impra Coffee Table


Far Pouf Casa Noa

Far Pouf


Tulum Auxiliar Table Casa Noa

Tulum Auxiliar Table II


Nitiu Mirror

€93,71  €124,95

S'il-Vous-Plaid - Cream Casa Noa

Tily Cream Plaid


S'il-Vous-Plaid - Beige & Black Casa Noa

Tily Beige and Black Plaid


S'il-Vous-Plaid - Brown Casa Noa

Tily Ochre Plaid


S'il-Vous-Plaid - Black & Copper Casa Noa

Tily Black and Copper Plaid


Ikus Lampshade Casa Noa

Ikus Lampshade


Kempi White Coffee Table Casa Noa

Kempi White Coffee Table


Kempi Natural Coffee Table Casa Noa

Kempi Natural Coffee Table


Camille Coffee Table Casa Noa

Camille Coffee Table

€419,00  €438,00

Mystery Armchair Casa Noa

Mystery Armchair


Aveno Pendant Casa Noa

Aveno Pendant


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