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Arty Glam

When a piece of furniture looks like a piece of art
Bold, Bright and Beautiful! Not for the shy here. A multimix selection of statement products with strong character. Some pieces may even be considered as art pieces. Go for a theatrical accumulation or isolate one piece to make it the star of you interior. It’s all about daring choices for your own eye’s pleasure.

Dento Console


Darling Coffee Table


Darling Console


Ardel Nude Armchair


Glitzy Trolley


Alsten Trolley


Glena Coffee Tables | Set of 2


Itheca Coffee Tables | Set of 2


Mirna Coffee Tables | Set of 2


Arphen Console


Perla Dresser


Perla Nightstand


Arphen Coffee Table


Willa Coffee Table


Juniper Sideboard


Millard Sideboard


Mothan Cabinet


Beltam Round Cabinet


Huxley Mustard Velvet Sofa - Casa Noa

Huxley Mustard Velvet Sofa


Neita Gold Bar Stool Casa Noa

Neita Gold Bar Stool


Wonder Bookcase Casa Noa

Avner Gold Bookcase


Leopra Armchair Casa Noa

Leopra Armchair


Eterna Coffee Table Casa Noa

Eterna Coffee Table


Eterna Console Casa Noa

Eterna Console


Margo Dining Table Casa Noa

Margo Dining Table


Clovi Auxiliar Tables  | Set of 2 - Casa Noa

Clovi Auxiliar Tables | Set of 2


Daston Pendant Casa Noa

Daston Pendant


Outremer Dresser Casa Noa

Outremer Dresser


Ilda Pendant Casa Noa

Ilda Pendant


Outremer Cabinet Casa Noa

Outremer Cabinet


Altura Console Casa Noa

Altura Console


Istantu Sideboard Casa Noa

Istantu Sideboard


Façade Cabinet Casa Noa

Façade Cabinet


Façade Sideboard Casa Noa

Façade Sideboard


Bananas Vase Casa Noa

Bananas Vase


Florea Cabinet Casa Noa

Florea Cabinet


Victorini Pendant Casa Noa

Victorini Pendant


Walking Leopard Statue Casa Noa

Walking Leopard Statue


Avianna Mustard Velvet Sofa - Casa Noa

Avianna Mustard Velvet Sofa


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